Spilart is a company working on wood, resin, gypsum, ceramic, and ice sculptures. I have created its website in 2019 as a simple and elegant tool to quickly introduce the company to the visitors.

On the starting page, we can see the master while working and learn his professional background. This adds character and authenticity to Spilart. The six clearly divided types of services are primarily explained via images from the very beginning.

The starting page is not long but explains everything to visitors to get started. The company is introduced in 2-3 sentences, services are shown with real reference photos, and we can see the man behind it all in details.

The website’s structure is easy to expand and draws a clear path for visitors (introduction, services through photos, contacts).

The primary colour of brown and the calm secondary colours keep a relaxed atmosphere throughout the website.

I no longer edit this website.

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