Radio is born: Interview with Csaba Krisztián Holcz

[…] I asked my friend Csaba Krisztián Holcz, the editor-in-chief of the radio station, to tell me in an interview how they started working on the radio. Csaba and I ran into each other in the library. He was working at the computer, but he had some time to answer some of my questions.

ANDRÁS TRAFIKANT: Why do you think they chose you as editor-in-chief? Maybe it’s because you’ve always been interested in radio, or is there something completely different in the background?

KRISZTIÁN CSABA HOLCZ: The world of media became interesting to me during high school when I applied to the school radio that was being reorganized. I received a lot of help and I myself invested a lot of time in our radio and in building my own career. I had the opportunity to try and achieve results in several media genres.
I chose a radio project because I feel that I have not yet achieved and learned enough things in this profession. However, I tried to present and utilize what I have learned so far. Finally, I was assigned to try for the editor-in-chief position.

An interview with me by András Trafikant, a student journalist about our college practice lessons. (Hungarian)