Fit Forma Újpest is a gym exclusively for female guests in Budapest, Hungary. Its original website was created in 2005 so it became very outdated. I have accepted the task of completely rebuilding the website to make it competitive in the 2020s.

The structure and content were given after the example of the previous website, but the WordPress system could give a modern look and mobile-friendliness to the site.

The opportunity to embed maps, Facebook pages, responsive galleries and videos are now open so the website could reborn on a more colourful and informative way.

A trendy style and intelligibility were essential. The weekly schedule and the price list were displayed with two wide spreadsheets previously. These were difficult to understand and could not adapt to mobile screens.

The customer asked for a website that can be easily modified. The weekly schedule, the prices and the list of staff can change but the employees of the gym can perform these small modifications.

I have not been working on this website since the end of 2020. I handed over the website to a new editor.

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