These apps can’t finish the job instead of you but will help you in finishing your tasks in an easier and faster way. I have worked with all of them at least once or even daily and I found each of them very useful.


When a checklist is not enough, and your task list is overwhelming try Trello. I found it very helpful when I had to use something better than Outlook’s task tab. In this flexible and colourful project manager application, every project can get a table (like a whiteboard in the office) and in a table, information is organised in columns and cards.

You can create your own workflow and fill every card with as much information as you need. For example in the office, I have created the following columns: Tasks, Current tasks, Today’s tasks, Waiting for someone, Completed and Postponed. Thanks to this categorisation I can always see how everything is going.


Adobe Spark

Adobe’s free app is a great choice if you want to create images for your social media profiles quickly and conveniently. You just need to select some photos and write a short text and Spark will offer you different templates based on your input.

If you want to do some modifications on the font, sizes or layout you can do so in a simple user interface. I really like the possibility of resizing an image for multiple social media sites so I can turn a Facebook cover to an Instagram Story or Pinterest pin very easily.



Power Point’s unknown little brother and an alternative for Prezi for those who didn’t find the best presentation software yet. Sway is a free document and presentation creator that can be accessed via a Windows 10 app or online from Microsoft.

I really like Sway because it’s half-automatic. In this application, you aren’t creating slides but different cards (like image, text, comparison or video) and you can easily insert content from the internet. You don’t even have to leave Sway as there is search functionality in the app for Youtube videos, stock photos and other content.

If you are done with creating cards you can select different templates but of course, you always adjust the result by resizing cards, focusing on selected content and changing colours or animations. Your presentation can be one vertical or horizontal page instead of separate slides giving a modern and fluent style to your document.

Because your slideshow is not made of fixed slides, but separate and categorised cards Sway can resize your content for every screen and finish the design saving you valuable time.

When your presentation is done you can quickly share it online and it’s not impossible to create newsletters, resumes, company introductions and some ambitious people might say even websites. To sum it up imagine Power Point’s modern, cloud-based, cool and stylish version. It’s not as precise as Microsoft’s classical slideshow creator but the result is spectacular and using it is way more fun.


Google Primer

Google’s free app that can help you to learn some basics about marketing and entrepreneurship. For professionals, it might be too basic but for beginners who are getting started with this profession or want to look at a step-by-step guide sometimes when launching their own business, it is a great choice.

You can select the topics you are interested in and if you find something useful you can pin it to a separate page so you can find it easier later.

Download (Android)
Download (iOS)

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