There is no favorable wind for the sailor who doesn’t know where to go.


Maybe 99% of the internet is porn and cat memes, but somebody must take care of that 1% too. 😉

I like to be online and write, edit websites and work on marketing. Here I show my work so far and share some advice based on my personal experiences.


Work, school and other adventures

Eleven Ltd.

Marketing Assistant (2017. November – 2019. June)
Marketing Associate (2019. June -)

Eleven Ltd. is one of the coolest companies in the construction industry, it’s the leading provider of the Hungarian water slide industry. As a Marketer, I support the sales department, handle our social media sites, edit our website, write press releases or articles, work together with the team who exhibits on our most important international expo, the IAAPA Expo Europe from organising to being on the field, write newsletters, work on press monitoring, worked a little on recruitment and of course as a passionate professional sometimes I test our products.

Socfest Magazine

Journalist (2015. July-)

Socfest is an online magazine supported by an association with the goal of giving journalist and photographer students or hobby journalists a platform to publish. I write articles, upload press releases and give advice as a marketer to the editorial team.

Prove Kommunikáció

Marketing Trainee (2016. July – August)

I gave up a few days of summer but earned valuable experiences as the trainee of Prove Kommunikáció. I made my first steps in the everyday life of a communications agency, wrote Facebook posts, wrote articles and edited WordPress websites.

Kodolányi János College

Communication and Media Science (2014. September – 2017 July)

As a Communication and Media Science student at Kodolányi János College (today it’s known as a university), I was primarily interested in writing and marketing. I wrote for the school’s magazine, learnt literary writing on the lessons of András Petőcz and finished my studies with a Rector’s Diploma.

A few things I’ve learnt so far


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